Black and Grey

Colp’s seventh collection, Black and Grey, contains fifteen stories that celebrate the art of tattooing. Each looks at the profession and process in a different way and, when viewed as a package, do a good job at capturing the buzz of the tattoo gun and the grimace on the first timer’s faces. You never know, maybe one of them will inspire you to get a little ink done yourself.

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  • Scott Chaddon - The Writhen
  • Alyson Faye - Skin and Ink
  • L. B. Knighton - Refusing the Mark
  • Carlton Herzog - Black Blood Red Kiss
  • Timothy Pulo - Diamond.Video.Chicago.Con
  • Erick Mancilla - The Painful Nature of a Mechanical Insect
  • Matias Travieso-Diaz - Tattoos
  • Robert Allen Lupton - The Tale of the Tail
  • Tabitha Gidcomb - How to Return a Tattoo
  • Emma Lindhagen - Black Ink, Red Eyes
  • DJ Tyrer - Hidden from Sight
  • Walter Kwiatkowski - Crystal Meth
  • Tim Mendees - Mr Mannequin
  • Zach Friday - 101523
  • Martin Alvarez - The Message
  • Victor Krulle - Swallows
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