A Little Bit of Nonsense

At least once a year since I first started writing, I have put together a story that once finished, I simply file away in a folder entitled ‘Completed’ where it is never seen or heard from again. Not because they were bad, but because they were just so different that there was nowhere else to put them. They would be devoid of a genre, a theme, and would sometimes read like an alcohol-infused dream. But they were good stories all the same. One day, I got to thinking 'maybe other authors out there have stories that are just too weird to fit conventional themes?' It turns out that I was right...

Available now:


  • Evan Baughfman - It's a Zoo in There
  • Aaron Besson - Bedtime Story
  • Aryan Bollinger - Calling Freedom
  • Meg Candelaria - Flight from Liberty
  • Steve Carr - Origami
  • Dan Crawford - Go As Far As You Can See
  • John A. DeMember - Cataclysm
  • Connor Greenaway - The Crab and the Angel
  • Sarah Gribble - Pens and Papers
  • J.R. Hayslett - Easy Come
  • Tom Howard - The Amazing Pie
  • Neil James Hudson - Conrad's Heartbeat
  • Carl Hughes - Missing School
  • Victor Krulle - Angry John Talks to  a Lizard
  • Sarah Liddle - Reach the Air
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Biscuit Blues
  • Nick Manzolillo - Lighting Effects
  • Jeremy Megargee - Four-Chambered Heart
  • Stuart D. Monroe - Free at Last
  • Lena Ng - The Mountaineers
  • Tori V. Rainn - The Hands That Take
  • B.T. Petro - Pellets Happen
  • Timothy Pulo - The Good Sun
  • Max Sparber - A High Wind in a High Place
  • M.R. Tapia - The Sweet Tooth
  • DJ Tyrer - The Fiendish Tartan Mask
  • Elise Warner - Art Show
  • Stanley B. Webb - The Island of Dr Minid
  • Zoe Woodard - Secret of the Stars
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