Amongst Friends


It was estimated that the fires of the 2019-2020 Australian bushfire season burnt almost 19 million hectares of bushland, destroyed around 3000 homes, and resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1 billion animals. A billion… That number is so big that it almost becomes unimaginable. A smoky haze hung over Sydney and its surrounding areas for months, the air quality officially being some of the worst in the world at the time. All of us here at Gypsum Sound Tales were safe, but there were some scary moments as the fires got to within 30 km of the suburbs in which we live. We were lucky, but many others were not.

The emergency services, particularly those here in New South Wales, have done an exceptional job when it comes to fighting the fires. These men and women, most volunteers, worked tirelessly day after day to get things under control. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication—this collection is for you. Thankfully, it seems like the worst has passed, but the effects of the bushfire season are still being felt by many.

Amongst Friends is a collection of stories from some of the great authors that we frequently work with, all of whom kindly donated their time and their words. Significant amounts of money have been raised to date, from donators all around the world—the show of support touching everyone down here. This collection is our way of doing our bit.

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  • DJ Tyrer - Donation
  • Fernando Medici - A Toast to Fermi
  • Evan Baughfman - Guts
  • Clovis Hazeldine - Deathline
  • Hillary Lyon - Something Like Cinnamon
  • JC Martínez - The Bouncing
  • Jeremy Megargee - Into the Herd
  • J.F. Capps - The Written Word
  • K.C. Grifant - Dream Bugs
  • Lawrence Berry - Mr Scary Returns to Portland
  • David Talon - The Sea Breathes Salty
  • Mark Dubovec - A Glitch in the Universe
  • Martin Alvarez - Ornald the Brave
  • Megan M. Davies-Ostrom - Todd Anderson's Last Day at Work
  • Tiffany Michelle Brown - Academic Excellence
  • Morrison - Oh, What You'll Do to Yourself...
  • Hugh McStay - Muse
  • Neil James Hudson - Nothing is Ugly Until You Look at it
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Flash of Fire
  • Robert Petyo - One Big Happy Family
  • Richard Beauchamp - The Conversion
  • Stuart D. Monroe - G.O.A.T.
  • Victor Krulle - Fly-Fight-Win
  • Aryan Bollinger - Precious Blood of the Lamb
  • Alyson Faye - Gone Fishing
  • Susan E. Abramski - Bored Games
  • Valerie Hunter - Ghost You Almost Know
  • Vivian Kasley - Time to Remember
  • Eleanor Sciolistein - Clean Slates

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