About midway through a horror film - at that climatic part where they finally reveal the monster fully for the first time - a thought hit me. Why are these monsters never really that big? Sure we get sea beasts with tentacles that stretch for tens of metres and skyscraper-climbing primates that tower over the average human, but where are the primates that are the size of a skyscraper? Where are the sea beasts with tentacles the thickness of a train carriage?

Big is home to a collection of stories that feature large, enormous or gigantic characters and concepts and, in this situation, it is most definitely a case of bigger is better.

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  • David Turnbull - Son of Summer
  • Charles Wyatt - Wooden Person
  • North Cady - The Fractal Nexus
  • Rachael Dickzen - Big Dave's Goliath
  • Randal Eldon Greene - The Wave
  • David Talon - The Incident of the Abominable Mayan Giant
  • Jill Hand - Big Box
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Tardigrade on Parade
  • JC Martínez - Moon
  • Robert Petyo - Trivial Matters
  • Brendan Smith - In the Tomb of the Star-King
  • Victor Krulle - Four by Four
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