Devils, demons and the idea of Hell have always featured prominently in the horror stories that I found myself reading as a teenager or the films I still delve into on a rainy day. I’ve always found it quite amazing how differently the leading man, Satan, is portrayed depending on the creativity and beliefs of the creator. Sometimes he’ll sport a large pair of curved horns and a pointed tail, his skin red, his body smooth and muscular. Other times, he’ll have the head of a goat and a large pair of wings that sprout from between his shoulders like those of a mighty condor. 

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  • Kenneth Whitfield - Sympathy for the Devil
  • Cameron Trost - The Windmill Pact
  • Charles E. Bernard - indemnity
  • Susan E. Abramski - The Telephone Call from Hell
  • Bradley Snedeker - Little Horn was His Favourite
  • Tiffany Michelle Brown - I've Got a Soul to Catch
  • Hugh McStay - Paradise Ascends
  • Douglas Ford - The Devil's Arithmetic
  • Tim J. Finn - Imp Off
  • Matthew M. Montelione - The Red Devil's Quill
  • Hailey Piper - Numerology's Make
  • Christopher Schieman - Southbound
  • Vivian Kasley - Tête-à-tête
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