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Established in 1957, the Quémado copper mine can be found 10 km (6 miles) north of Barvina, Chile and is the world’s third biggest producer of copper. The mine is currently the property of the Vonco Mining Corporation Limited, a British company with several holdings across South America and northern Africa.The mine has been in consistent use since its establishment, but still manages to produce 335,000 tonne of copper each year as well as sizeable amount of molybdenum and rhodium. It consists of several smaller pits, smelter, refinery and an open pit—one of the world’s largest—measuring in at 4 km (2.5 miles) long, 3 km (1.8 miles) wide and over 920 m (0.6 miles) deep.

For Gypsum Ground Tales, we have put together the stories of some of our favourite authors, each of which is set in and around the fictional Quémado copper mine in northern Chile. Each story reflects the style of its author and, when all put together, flesh out the city of Barvina and its residents. 

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  • Hugh McStay - The Price of Purpose
  • J.F. Capps - Older Than Man
  • Robert Petyo - Revenge of the Alicanto
  • Robert Allen Lupton - It Gets in Your Blood
  • Morrison - Protecting the Family (Business)
  • Vivian Kasley - El Dedo Perdido
  • Susan E. Abramski - Mine for the Taking
  • David Talon - Copper and Gold
  • Timothy Pulo - Junior and the Culpeo
  • Aryan Bollinger - Ananuca Wen
  • David Turnbull - The Colocolo
  • Fernando Medici - The Road to Xibalba
  • Valerie Hunter - Nerve
  • Victor Krulle - Mandible
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