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Welcome to Wyoming State Zoo.

When the gates first opened in July 2017, the zoological park was one of the newest in the country. Located on the outskirts of Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA, the young park has quickly gone from strength to strength and now rivals its major competitor in San Diego. Most locals have been in the zoo’s favour as tourists head to the site from all over, providing job opportunities and a well-needed economical boost.

The zoo is divided into several large, themed sections, the most expansive of which is African Savannah—home to some of the park’s largest occupants. Other areas include the Outback Experience, Southern Jungles and the American Wilderness.

Other exhibits include seal and penguin enclosures, butterfly and insect houses, children’s petting zoo and the Lyons exotic bird aviary, which is located near the centre of the zoo. The Gorilla Experience, a ‘cage-free’ that will allow visitors to see the animals living within a more realistic environment, is under construction and is due to open in the Fall of 2020.

Available now:


  • Carlton Herzog - The Gardens of Neptune
  • James Carlson - And Hell Came with Her
  • Robert Petyo - Like a Glove
  • Susan E. Abramski - A Snake in the Grasslands
  • Vivian Kasley - The Lion's Share
  • David Christopher O'Neill - Anta-Na-Koi
  • David Turnbull - The Monkey Screech
  • Eleanor Sciolistein - Zen and the Art of Zoo Maintenance
  • Fernando Medici - Ava's Suitcase
  • Hugh McStay - Slouching Towards Wyoming
  • Luana Medici - Monkey Business
  • Martin Alvarez - Exhibit A.M.
  • Regina Kenney - The Thing about Lions
  • Victor Krulle - Pomp and Circumstance
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Free Day
  • Ryan Bowling - They Came From Above
  • Valerie Hunter -Death Comes to the Petting Zoo
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