Gypsum Sound Trails

West Moreton, Arizona, USA, 1874.

A tumbleweed twists and turns on Main Street as Boone Markwell and the rest of the Markwell Gang head for the saloon and the liquor that waited within. The day is long and there is much to be done before the sun sets behind the mountains. On the other side of the road, the shopkeeper bows his head, opting to stare at the dusty ground than make eye contact with the gunslinger. A dog barks in the distance, followed closely by a woman's yell, and Boone feels his finger slip to the butt of his revolver; the movement smooth and instinctive.

For Gypsum Sound Trails, we invited some of our favourite collaborators to write their own western centred in and around the fictional Arizonan town of West Moreton and its inhabitants, including the infamous Markwell Gang. Each story reflects the style of its author while helping create a realistic western community.

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  • Robert Petyo - The Life We Chose
  • Robert Allen Lupton - The Ballad of Fiona Campbell, Part One
  • Vivian Kasley - Rat Trap
  • Aryan Bollinger - The Chindi Breather
  • Susan E. Abramski - Way Out West (of the Great Southern Land)
  • Hillary Lyon - In the Dirt of Purgatory
  • Fernando Medici - Something about a Line
  • Hugh McStay - Salvation in West Moreton
  • Richard Beauchamp - The Incident at Barlow's Pass
  • Victor Krulle - Crackle and Howl
  • J.F. Capps - Down Yonder in the Cellar
  • Lauren Hayhurst - The Woman Who Never Was
  • Lawrence Berry - The Scarlet Anvil
  • Timothy Pulo - Hatebreed & Lawdog
  • David Turnbull - The Journal of Doctor Earle Franklin
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