Please ring bell if the desk is unattended. The hospitality industry is one that I rely on quite heavily. I like to travel, I like to eat out, and prefer to take public transport as opposed to driving anywhere myself; particularly in a busy city like Sydney. These people just make things so much easier, and I feel that sometimes we end up taking them for granted. So, thank you. Thank you to anyone reading this who may have served me a meal, made me a drink or driven me home at the end of a long night. 

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  • H. A. Eugene - The Last Customer
  • Lawrence Berry - The Secret Closet of Dr Parness
  • James Berry - The Notes
  • Matthew M. Montelione - The Shadow of Oysterponds
  • Robert Petyo - The Fog
  • Evi Tcaniks - Duty-Free
  • Walter Kwiatkowski - Prime Cut
  • Ash Lim - Sashimi
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Safe Harbour
  • DJ Tyrer - Sticky
  • Radar DeBoard - After Hours Swim
  • Trevor Zaple - Around an Inner Sea
  • Martin Alvarez - Double Agent
  • Kieran Judge - Stomach Bug
  • Jeremy Megargee - Mechanical Remnants
  • Megan M. Davies-Ostrom - House Spider
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