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Wrestling had always been a part of our childhood; there was just something about it that captivated the imagination. The action figures, the VHS tapes, the multitude of posters and the t-shirts that made up the bulk of my teenage ensemble. There was even a time when I found myself wrapping up a foe with a figure four leg lock…

Suplex contains twelve wrestling stories, from twelve writers who (I’m guessing) had childhoods similar to my own. I hope you enjoy them.

Thuggish Itch


Devils, demons and the idea of Hell have always featured prominently in the horror stories that I found myself reading as a teenager or the films I still delve into on a rainy day. I’ve always found it quite amazing how differently the leading man, Satan, is portrayed depending on the creativity and beliefs of the creator. 

Thuggish Itch’s Devilish collection features, in no particular order, thirteen of our favourite tales, each of which provides a different take on the mythology, the red man himself and all of his minions.

Thuggish Itch


There is a reason they call it science fiction. A reason why so many horror stories are based around our discoveries; both past, present and those that we may make in the future. This collection features ten stories, each of which provides a take on a modern-day scientific concept – from the undeniable issues surrounding global warming to our fruitless attempts at cold fusion. Prepare to be amazed.


Sky's The Limit

The sky has always fascinated me. The more I learn, the more questions I seem to have. Free radicals, refracting light, the knowledge that, if you travel high enough, everything will eventually give way to the blackness of space - each fact makes me more and more curious about what might be going on up there. There are stories wrapped up in this knowledge, plenty of stories…

Colp's latest collection, Sky's The Limit, contains twelve of these tales. Each story presents a unique perspective on our atmosphere and the effect that it may have on the people living, day by day, on the land down below.

Thuggish Itch

Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada: a city with so much to offer and so much to hide. The Mirage with its hellfire and brimstone. Paris with its ceilings painted in a continuous day. The rhythmic and hypnotic motion of the Bellagio’s fountains. A city with everything one might want and then some.

Thuggish Itch’s first collection, Viva Las Vegas, contains sixteen horror and sci-fi stories from sixteen inspired authors, all of which delve beneath the city of Las Vegas’s bright lights and serve up a glimpse of what may lie within.


The Passage of Time

Time is a difficult thing, a constant, yet one that we can bend and manipulate as easily as rolling the clocks forward or backwards each year for daylight savings. It ticks away each day, the minutes and hours passing unnoticed and unrecorded until yet another sunset brings the night. This passage, that’s the scary part - the lost opportunities, the forgotten memories and the spectacular moments that you’re unlikely to experience ever again. 

Colp’s first collection contains thirteen stories from thirteen different authors, each of which explores in its own way the idea that time, no matter how we approach it, will continue to pass and that sometimes there may just be a little something that we can do about it.

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