There is a reason they call it science fiction. A reason why so many horror stories are based around our discoveries; both past, present and those that we may make in the future. This collection features ten stories, each of which provides a take on a modern-day scientific concept – from the undeniable issues surrounding global warming to our fruitless attempts at cold fusion. Prepare to be amazed.

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  • Lisa Wolinsky - Price of Perfection
  • Jason Howell - Don't Touch It
  • Fernando Medici - Alone in the Universe
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Overreaction
  • Lawrence Berry - The Travelling Necropolis
  • J.F. Capps - What the Storm Brought In
  • Kiki Gonglewski - On Waiting For the Dark Planet
  • Aryan Bollinger - Gröβeröschen
  • Van Alrik - The Church of Raw
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