Wrestling had always been a part of our childhood; there was just something about it that captivated the imagination. The action figures, the VHS tapes, the multitude of posters and the t-shirts that made up the bulk of my teenage ensemble. There was even a time when I found myself wrapping up a foe with a figure four leg lock…

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  • John Adam Gosham - High School Wrestling: A Memoir
  • Victor Krulle - Leg Drop
  • D Norfolk - Fake
  • Robert Petyo - It's a Tough Life
  • Mark Zirbel - La Rana Mini
  • Alyssa N. Vaughn - A Challenger Approaches
  • Brodie Lowe - Volcano Rex
  • Connor Greenaway - Rick the Brick Pegs the Wrong Guy
  • Charlotte M. Porter - Cenote Chic
  • Eleanor Sciolistein - Shooter
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Pin the Devil
  • Timothy Pulo - A Bingo Hall in Texas
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