Theme Park

On a visit to one of the parks in the north of the country, my father and I lined up to ride a roller coaster that had been themed around a 90’s action film. It was the ride of the moment, one of those ones where you sat hanging on the outside rather than sitting inside an enclosed car, and it seemed like every man and his dog had lined up with us.“You two can’t get on," said one of the ride workers. "Too tall. Your feet will scrape along the concrete, or it’ll take your leg right off.” This comment stuck with me over the years, and at times I would wonder just what would have happened if we had managed to sneak onto the ride. Nothing good I imagine...

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  • Thomas Vaughn - The Tower of Babel
  • Eleanor Sciolistein - The Park
  • W.T. Paterson - Mee-Maw's Diner
  • Hugh McStay - Belly Laugh
  • Hillary Lyon - The Kissing Booth
  • Justin Lutz - Flume
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Sunset for the Tattooed Lady
  • Michael Leonberger - The Seaside Ghost Train
  • Lukas D. Kolb - Clownsmouth
  • Vivian Kasley - Sell By Date
  • Edward Karpp - The Boy Who Grew Up
  • J.F. Capps - Noodles and the Cannibal Carnies
  • Matt Brandenburg - One Ticket to the Fair
  • Ryan Bowling - Eye in the Sky
  • Lawrence Berry - Fail-Safe
  • Richard Beauchamp - The New Normal
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