When I was a child, I had a set of bed linen that featured a treasure map. Pillowcases, quilt cover, sheets, the lot. I had it for years, and it was probably my first encounter with all things pirates and buried treasure.But treasure can present itself in a multitude of other ways: the precious family heirloom, time spent with a loved one, a memory held close to ones heart.

Colp’s eighth collection, Treasure, features stories that delve into just some of the many different interpretations of the concept.

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  • Ethan K. Lee - Where I Went
  • J.B. Polk - The Girl Who Read Solzhenitsyn
  • Christopher Maleney - Found and Discovered
  • G.D. McFetridge - Lost Gold of San Marcelo
  • Jarrett Mazza - Something Big, Something Small
  • J. F. Benedetto - The Treasure Bowl of Shen Wan San
  • Marshall J. Moore - From Failing Hands
  • Michael Casey - Arkadia
  • Michelle Mellon - The King of Bones
  • Robert Petyo - Talk To Your Father
  • S. R. Larin - I Would Cry a Jewel for You
  • Timothy Pulo - Milk Money
  • Neil James Hudson - A Relic of Millia Maslowa
  • Donna J. W. Munro - Curiosities and Notions
  • Charles Garofalo - The Valise
  • Joshua Dyer - Poseidon's Revenge
  • Esther Zigman - Hidden Treasure
  • Jack Callaghan - The Big Haul
  • Jude Matulich-Hall - Here There Be Monsters
  • L.T. Adams - The Greatest Treasure of a People
  • David Turnbull - Little Treasure
  • Fred Cheney - The Locket
  • Hayden Moore - Thread of Illusion
  • Stella B. James - A Secret Kept
  • Robert Allen Lupton - Animal Crackers
  • Brent Peters - Mr Cozy
  • E.E. King - The Secret to Happiness
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